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Reverberations of War

Communities of Experience and Identification in Germany and Europe since 1945


Professor Mary Fulbrook

Hitler’s War’ was distinctive in its deeply ideological character and extraordinary brutality. This part of the project explores representations of the past among different communities of experience, and patterns of transmission across generations, in the context of public confrontations with the legacies of Nazi terror - trials, official rituals of commemoration, memorials, media and historical debates, informal social relations - in five rather different post-war states: Austria, East and West Germany, France and Poland. In all cases, survivors among Jewish and political victims of Nazi terror had divergent post-war experiences of ‘return’ or unwilling relocation, shaping strategies of coping and bearing witness (or not) under later circumstances; former collaborators, facilitators and perpetrators developed varying responses to political, social and juridical challenges. Systematic comparisons are undertaken in the light of wider debates about a possible ‘hybridisation’, ‘cosmopolitanisation’ or ‘Europeanisation’ of ‘collective memory’ in a context of population mobility, European division and integration.


For further information about Professor Fulbrook visit her UCL staff page.